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Protecting Homes in MA From Pests For Over 100 Years

Quality pest control in Central Massachusetts should be tough on pests—not on your wallet! If pests are running you ragged, look no further than Ransford Pest Control! We have more than a century of experience in the pest control industry, and our services are designed to be affordable and effective. With great service backed by years of experience, what can possibly make that better? How about saving $50 on your first service? 


Pest Control in Central Massachusetts

Your home is your sanctuary—don’t let pests take that away from you! Here in Massachusetts, our mild summers can allow insect populations to thrive while our cold weather can drive pests into your house in search of food and shelter. Once they’re in, it can be hard to get them out on your own. Lucky for you, you’ve got experts ready to help at Ransford Pest Control. 

Protecting Homes From Pests Since 1896

Since 1896, our services have been built on three core values: dependability, responsibility, and timeliness. When you work with us, that’s just what you’ll get. We can treat for any local pest, including the following:

Have you spotted a spotted lanternfly?Spotted lanternfly on a green leaf

This pest is invasive to our hometown! Give the Ransford team a call today if you believe you've seen it.



Crawling Insect Plan

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Our signature plan protects your home against crawling insects, targeting areas in and around your home where they live and breed. With targeted exterior and interior treatments, we keep them far away from your home for the long haul.

Starting at $45/month!

Premier Pest Plan

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Our signature Premier Pest Plan will give you year-round protection against common household pests. Our exterminators target pests at the source: where they live and breed - eliminating existing infestations and preventing future ones.

Starting at $53/month!

Our One Time Service Offering

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Are you looking for pest control for a particular pest, but don't want to purchase a full package with us? Ask our team if a one-time service would be the right choice for you! Our One-Time Service Offering covers any service and comes with a 90-day warranty*

Get Affordable Pest Control With Same-Day Service

Here at Ransford, we’ve spent the last 100 years fine-tuning our pest control treatments to make it as fast, effective, and affordable as you deserve. When you partner with us for your pest control needs, you can expect an easy, hassle-free experience. We are proud to be one of the best pest control companies in the area, offering the following benefits: 

  • 100+ years of experience
  • Saturday servicing
  • Online payment options
  • Variety of billing plans
  • Same-day service in our immediate service area, if you call before noon!
  • Reduced-risk products

Work With Rigorously Trained Technicians

You don’t want to trust just anyone with the protection of your home. With Ransford, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be working with technicians who are experts in their field. What sets our team apart is our expert knowledge of the products we use, the problems homeowners face, and the weaknesses of each local pest. There are a lot of qualities that set our company apart - these include:

  • Every one of our technicians undergoes a 60-90 day training program and frequent re-certification to keep them up-to-date with industry standards.
  • Many of our employees are long-time staff members with decades of experience. They are the best in their field - and collectively, we have over 100 years of experience.
  • We have provided pest control in the local community for over 100 years by continuously meeting our clients’ needs. As a locally owned company, we are proud to be your fellow neighbor!
  • All technicians are CORI-checked and insured. Our high standards and hiring practices ensure we have the well-equipped, trained technicians you need to solve your pest problem.

For property owners, we can also help you interpret directives from housing departments or Board of Health to ensure all required work is done timely and documentation is filled out appropriately.​

Call us today to schedule your service!

Feel Confident in Our Satisfaction Guarantee

You’ve wasted enough time letting pests run your home. Get ready to set those worries aside with Ransford. Our pest control in Central Massachusetts is not only proven to work since 1896, but it also comes with our satisfaction guarantee: if your pest problems persist between treatments, all you have to do is let us know and we will back in no time to help set the problem right. That’s our promise to you!

Get $50 Off Pest Control

Aside from all of the great benefits like same-day services in our immediate service area, Saturday availability, and a satisfaction guarantee, we also offer $50 off annual pest control services when you contact us today! After 100 years in business, we understand the need for affordable pest control is a must, so we offer special offers to get you started on the right foot.


Areas We Service in Massachusetts 

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company right here in Massachusetts. We have been providing the following services for over 100 years in these areas and more:

More Information on Specific Pests

Fly Control

Flies carry many more diseases than roaches and infestations need to be taken seriously. When they feed, they regurgitate some of their stomach contents on food which dissolves it. They suck it back into their stomachs. They leave fecal deposits where they walk and can transfer disease from inside and outside their bodies.

Flies can be overwhelming. Their flight range is from 2 – 20 miles, and they reproduce rapidly. According to entomologists at Ohio State University, “They life cycle from egg to adult may be between 8-12 days in warm weather. A pair of flies beginning operation in April if all were to live would result in 191,010,000,000,000,000,000 (191 quintillion, 10 quadrillion) flies by August. There are many factors that keep this number from becoming a reality. We can advise on sanitation, food storage and other non-toxic methods to control your fly problem. Let Ransford help you to further reduce the fly population.

Commercial Services

Ransford Environmental can help with your commercial kitchen drains, grease traps, and floor/equipment grime build up. Ransford will utilize organic microbes that have been carefully selected to digest greases, fats, and oil. These microbes are combined with a foaming agent to allow them to cling to the sides of drains and the dirtiest areas under equipment. Ransford will also supply microbe infused floor cleaner and bio blocks for long term control. These services will help eliminate harborage and breeding areas for many insects including Drain Moths, Phorid Flies, Fruit Flies, and Roaches.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches have been around for nearly 400 million years. They can breed rapidly and can transport microbes that are dangerous to humans. Cockroaches are among the hardiest insects on the planet. They can remain active for a month without food. Cockroaches can thrive in the cleanest of homes. All the roach needs are a source of water and food. Once it has made its way into your home, it will stay there until it is exterminated. Since they are nocturnal, you may not be aware of an infestation until there are thousands of them. Roach infestations are unhealthy, they can trigger asthma and allergies and they can carry salmonella and ecoli. We can eliminate infestations quickly.

German roaches, in particular, are the most common roaches found in Restaurants, Apartments, Homes, and Hotels in the United States. Adults are between ½-5/8” long and coloring is tan to light brown with 2 dark brown stripes on the head. Roaches can be found anywhere in a structure but prefer warm above 70 degrees and humid spots. Roaches travel well in boxes, grocery bags, coats, purses and especially well in used furniture and appliances. They will travel along pipelines between apartments or floors.

Do it yourself Roach spray products and bug bombs while great for contact killing, repel roaches from the area. We typically find toaches in places they would not usually inhabit like bedrooms or neighboring apartments after these products were used.

The Ransford German Roach Difference

The first step toward being German Roach free is an inspection by our licensed, CORI and background checked technician. Followed by a thorough treatment starting with a HEPA vacuum to remove both alive and dead Roaches and their egg sacks. Vacuuming with a HEPA filter helps eliminate the airborne allergens roaches produce by trapping them in the filter. By removing these roaches it will immediately reduce the pest infestation and allow better future monitoring.

Ransford will then apply roach bait in the hard to reach cracks and crevices where roaches love to hide. The powder will be applied as needed to pipelines where Roaches travel inside the walls. The final step is to apply a residual product to the perimeter of each room. All products are applied per manufacturer’s instructions and Massachusetts laws. Please give us a call at 508-756-5197 and find out how we can help.

Spider Control

Spiders are not insects, but they can give a painful bite and their numbers sometimes need to be controlled. Usually, a homeowner is aware of a spider because of the presence of a web. Spider webs can make a home appear less clean and can become a nuisance. The presence of a large number of spiders usually means that there are insects present. Spiders are predators and need to consume insects to survive. Spiders will usually create webs near light sources knowing that flying insects will be drawn toward the lights.

The best way to control a spider population is to look at your whole home or business as an environment. Control the factors that are allowing the spider population to flourish…control the other bugs. Ransford can provide a plan to make this control possible. We can provide treatment of various cracks and crevices, supply glue boards for monitoring and inspect your environment frequently for any changes that might allow spiders (or any other pest) to thrive.

All Ransford Technicians carry telescoping poles with Dusters to help remove the Spider webs from your property. By using the Right product in the proper locations and removing any Webs and Eggs Spider populations can be drastically reduced. Environmental Controls like turning the exterior lights off will also help reduce their food source. In heavy Spider areas treatment may be required every 60 days in the warmer months.

Stink Bug Removal Control

Stink Bugs will invade many New England homes this Fall. Hundreds may appear on the side of your house or building. They sneak into entryways and voids around windows and chimneys intending to spend the winter in a warm home. While they are not known to bite people, if crushed they STINK! While this is a relatively new pest to Massachusetts, they are established in Pennsylvania and Virginia and have been steadily moving North. Stink Bugs are primarily an agricultural pest until Fall when they look to move indoors.

In Massachusetts they are known to be a nuisance, staining walls and obstructing views. They are best known for their unpleasant odor. Their smell can linger in closets, upholstery and even vacuum cleaners. When your home warms up in the Spring-time, the stink bugs will become active and try to leave your home, covering the insides of windows, skylights and doors. If you are having Stink Bugs trying to linger over-winter in your home, please give us a call or fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Silverfish Removal

Silverfish are small .5-1 inch wingless insects with abdomens that taper at the end. With their grey coloring and their tendency to wiggle, the name Silverfish seems to fit. Silverfish inhabit moist areas and will consume just about anything but will prefer paper, book bindings, glue, carpet and hair etc.

Proper control starts with finding the moisture source. Leaking pipes, roofs and air conditioner units just to name a few. It does not stop there, you will need to remove all the moisture damaged wood and insulation. Chemical treatment will help knock down the population and when applied after the moisture problem is removed will give long term control. If you have a Silverfish problem please fill out the form on the right or give us a call!

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