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Get Rid of Unsanitary Rodents in Your Home Fast With Our Help

Every day that rodents are allowed to roam your home, they do more damage to your health, sanity, and peace of mind. If you want rodent control in Central Massachusetts that works fast, rely on your friends at Ransford Pest Control. Since 1896, we’ve been protecting homes just like yours from rats and mice, and today we want to help you take back your home from these unwanted, unsanitary invaders.


Rodent Control Service in Central Massachusetts


Get Help from Expert Rat Exterminators

Rodents don’t need an invitation to set up shop in your home. In fact, all they need is a hole as small as a dime. Here at Ransford Pest Control, our rat exterminators have spent over a century perfecting our rodent control in Massachusetts because we know how destructive rodents can be. Once they’re in, these pests can cause immense damage to your home. If a rat is carrying a tick that has Lyme disease or mice carry fleas, they might introduce it to your environment, which can put you and your loved ones at risk.

Other common rodent-related problems include the following:

  • Contamination of food
  • Damaged attics and insulation
  • Chewed electrical wires
  • And more risks 

Types of disease contracted from rodent activity in homes:

  • Lyme Disease– If a mouse or a rat bites you; you could be at risk of getting Lyme disease. The symptoms of this disease include the appearance of skin lesions, fever, and headache.
  • Salmonella– If mice or rats got into your home and left feces on some of your food or even on some of your kitchen counters or utensils; there is a chance that you can get salmonella. Symptoms of this disease include intestinal disorders like diarrhea and nausea.
  • Rat Bite Fever– If a mouse or rat bites you or scratches you; you might contract rat-bite fever. This disease comes from bacteria lying on the mouth or nose of a rodent and can cause a relapsing fever that can last months.
  • Hantavirus– If a mouse leaves behind traces of feces, urine, or other bodily fluids there is a chance that you could get Hantavirus. This disease causes flu-like symptoms, renal failure, and severe respiratory distress.

Protect Your Home Today

Mouse Plan

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Our signature Mouse Plan service provides complete rodent protection, utilizing snap traps and baits to quickly remove the pests from both the interior and exterior of your home. We'll also create a barrier against future risks!

Starting at $47/month!

Premier Pest Plan

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Our signature Premier Pest Plan will give you year-round protection against common household pests. Our exterminators target pests at the source: where they live and breed - eliminating existing infestations and preventing future ones.

Starting at $53/month!

Types of Rodents in Our Area


A family of 6 mice can grow to 50-60 mice in 90 days. Mice in Massachusetts will burrow into homes, porches, decks, attics, and crawl spaces. They can access your home through an opening the size of a dime. They find their way into kitchens, pantries, and food storage areas. Mice are excellent climbers. They are omnivores and will eat almost anything. They can cause a lot of damage to insulation, wiring, and wood. Call 508-756-5197 for trusted mice exterminators.


Rats can be a problem even in newer buildings with excellent sanitation. Rats will eat practically anything humans eat. They will eat from gardens, trees even ornamental shrubs and flowers. Rats can contaminate whatever they come in contact with. They can gnaw plastic, cinder block, wood, and upholstery.

  • Keep Them Out: The single best way to prevent rats is to keep them out in the first place. Look around for problems like broken windows, holes in the siding or the foundation, damaged spots where they might squeeze through, and more. The goal is to keep them out, and it doesn’t take much to let them in. They can climb quite high to get in, and if you have holes bigger than a pencil, you may already be letting them in your house. Either fill these holes on your own or hire a contractor to do it for you. A rat exterminator can also help you spot any places that might be of concern.
  • Clean Up: Pests want those crumbs your toddler dropped all over the living room. They’d love to climb into your trash can and grab the leftovers. They’ll even head for your compost bin outside for food. Make sure you keep things clean as much as possible. Sweep and mop on a regular basis, keep a lid on your trash cans, and be sure that you’re following proper composting procedures if you’re putting food scraps in there.
  • Stay Proactive: If you’re not consistently looking for problems outside your home or keeping things clean inside your home, you could be inviting future problems. Remain vigilant to help keep pests away.

Service Backed by Over 125 Years of Experience

As a locally-owned business with over 125 years of experience, Ransford Pest Control has one goal: to provide quality rodent control in Massachusetts to the members of our community. Each member of our staff is highly trained and CORI-certified, as well as state-certified to administer any treatment your home might need. Part of what has kept our mice exterminators in business in Central Massachusetts for so long is our willingness to grow and evolve with changing customer needs. Other benefits to working with us include:

  • The use of reduced-risk products and methods to eliminate rodents.
  • Online payment options and convenient scheduling.
  • Please note that we cannot provide same-day rodent control services.


Our Thorough Rodent Control Process

Rodent control and removal requires know-how and experience—which is exactly what the experts at Ransford have. Our rodent control treatment program is designed to eliminate ALL rodents inside your home and keep them out for good. When you partner with us for rodent control, you can expect the following from our exterminators: 

  • A thorough rodent inspection to identify the rodents you’re dealing with and where they’re living
  • Snap traps and baits to quickly remove rodents from both the interior and exterior of your home
  • The professional use of the top two rodenticides currently available in the United States

Assistance with Health Department Concerns

It can be stressful when health departments get involved in pest problems. To give you increased peace of mind, Ransford is willing to assist with communicating in these situations due to our long relationship with many MA health departments. Our high standards and detailed documentation satisfy requirements needed to show you have had necessary work performed. No matter what, we’ve got your back and we’ll work as a liaison between the property owner and the health department.


If Rodents Come Back, So Does an Exterminator

Here at Ransford, not only do we want to help you remove rodents from your home for good, but we want to be transparent with every step of the process. When you partner with us for a service, you can expect thorough communication from start to finish. There's a reason we've been in business for so long!

What's more, to give you the peace of mind you deserve, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with all of our rodent control services. If you experience any issues in between or after treatments, we will come back to re-treat your home for free*. That's our promise to you!

*Restrictions apply. Contact us for more information.

Looking for a Rodent Exterminator Near You? 

Being locally owned and operated is something we pride ourselves in. We are passionate about protecting homes in our community from home and health-damaging rodents by providing fast relief for our neighbors in the area. Ransford offers rodent control in the following areas:



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