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Don’t Share Your Home with Mice Anymore!

Mice don’t have the same bad reputation as rats but that doesn't mean that they’re welcome in your home. Restore your peace of mind with mouse control from Ransford Pest Control.

Mice Control Service in Central Massachusetts

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Mice are experts at getting into your home. They’re small, adaptable, and possess amazing creativity and intelligence. All of this adds up to make mice deceptively challenging to control. That’s why, at Ransford Pest Control, our team of elite mouse exterminators brings an exhaustive approach into your home. Our mouse removal program eliminates ALL mice in your home and goes the extra mile to prevent them from ever coming back. 

When you choose Ransford, you can expect:

  • A thorough mouse inspection in your home to determine the extent of your infestation.
  • Baits and snap traps throughout your whole home to quickly and efficiently remove all mice from your home. 
  • Exterior exclusion stations to prevent mice from getting in. 
  • A go-between with your local Health Department if needed
  • The best rodenticides on the market.
  • And more!

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Protect Your Home From Mice

Mice may look cute, but that cute facade masks a nuisance pest that can cause real damage in your home and even jeopardize your family’s health! At Ransford Pest Control, our reliable mouse control in Massachusetts will keep your home mouse-free, keeping you safe from the hazards they present. If left untreated in your home, mice can:

  • Eat and contaminate your food.
  • Spread diseases to your loved ones.
  • Bring ticks, fleas, or other parasites indoors. 
  • Damage fixtures in your home.
  • Potentially cause electrical fires by chewing through wires. 

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We Get Results 

Mice are stubborn, so when it comes to mouse control in Massachusetts, we’re stubborn too. If even a single one comes back after our initial treatment, our mouse exterminators will come back to your home and perform all necessary retreatments free of charge. We understand that you want a pest control company that you can rely on and, when you choose Ransford, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

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Do I have Mice in My Home?

Mice may be small and sneaky, but a trained eye can still spot the signs of their activity. A female mouse can have a new litter every 25 days, so getting ahead of an infestation is critical if you want to avoid your home being completely taken over. When you notice any of the following signs of mouse activity, contact Ransford Pest Control right away.

  • Scratching noises at night: Mice are most active at night, which is when you may hear noises coming from behind walls or on floors around your food prep and storage areas. 
  • Mouse footprints: Mice love to hide in areas of your home where dust tends to collect. So, when they venture out in search of food, they usually leave behind footprints.
  • Nests: To raise their young mice build nests out of easily shreddable material like paper, cardboard, and linen. Look for these under floorboards, in lofts, behind refrigerators, or underneath stoves. 
  • Bite marks on food: Unsurprisingly, mice usually come into your home in search of food. Visible bite marks on food packaging or on easily accessible foodstuffs are one of the surest signs of mice in your home.
  • Unpleasant odors: Mouse urine has a strong smell of ammonia which, particularly around their nests, can give off an off-putting odor. 

Trust 125+ Years of Experience

There aren’t many pest control companies in Massachusetts that can claim more than 125 years of experience. At Ransford, we take pride in our experience and bring over a century of institutional knowledge to every job. Each of our exterminators is State-Certified so you can feel confident that, no matter when you need our help, a qualified professional will always be there for you. 

Looking for a Mouse Exterminator Near You?

As a proud Massachusetts-based pest control company, we’re here to get rid of mice all across the state. Our list of service areas includes: 

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