How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Office Buildings

The inside of an office building with no cockroaches

In the event that you’re renting your office space, you may need to contact your landlord to have them handle the problem. Once the company has treated your office for a problem, you may want to call in a contractor to help exclude roaches in the future by caulking cracks and holes and sealing any spaces that might be creating the perfect way for them to come in.

Dealing with Cockroaches in Office Buildings?

No one wants to have to deal with a cockroach infestation, but it’s particularly bad in an office setting. The very last thing a client wants to see is a cockroach scurrying across their feet as they’re about to close a big deal with you. How can you get rid of roaches in your office? These tips may help.

Keep Your Office as Clean as Possible

The number one way to get rid of roaches in your office is to always keep the premises as clean as possible. This starts with ensuring there isn’t any clutter in your office, small waste bins are emptied regularly, and there are no crumbs. 

While you should focus on all rooms, such as individual offices, conference rooms, and waiting rooms, you should pay special attention to your kitchen or break room by:

  • Make sure no food is left out overnight if it’s uncovered, and if it is covered, that the containers are sealed tight.
  • Cleaning up spills immediately. 
  • Ensuring janitorial staff focuses on spots behind the cabinets, microwaves, tables, and refrigerators.

Clean Sinks

Cockroaches thrive and breed in sinks due to their moist and humid environments, so cleaning your sinks is another imperative way to keep cockroaches out of office buildings. Make sure to clean your disposals often and ensure leftover food hasn’t fallen down the drain. Also, don’t leave unwashed dishes in the sink overnight—especially if food is on them!

Organize and Sanitize Warehouses Often

The warehouse can be another area in your office that cockroaches might infest. Paper and cardboard are the perfect refuge for cockroaches, so be certain the entire area is cleaned and sanitized on a fairly regular basis.

Use Sticky Traps

To ensure you don’t have cockroaches in your office that you haven’t noticed yet, you may want to put sticky traps in a few locations and check them regularly. If you begin to notice you have a problem, contact a professional pest control company immediately.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Office Buildings

Your best bet, if you have roaches in your office, is to contact a pest control professional who specializes in commercial pest control or pest control for office buildings. Once the roaches show up, your first thought may be to save some money with an off-the-shelf solution from the hardware store. Roaches are notoriously hard to get rid of.

Contact Ransford for Pest Control for Office Buildings

If you’re in Central Massachusetts and you have cockroaches in the office, contact Ransford Pest Control! We offer commercial pest control services in Central Massachusetts that follow IPM practices and include long-term strategies in order to keep your office pest-free for good. If you’re unsure of what your company may need, give us a call at 508-556-6206, and we’ll gladly set up a roach inspection!

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