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Lasting Flea Control That Works!

Fleas are more than annoying, they are a health hazard to humans, canines, and felines too! Flea bites can cause itching, swelling, and allergic reactions. Fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pet if they are ingested. An infestation needs to be controlled as soon as possible because fleas multiply rapidly. While there are different types of fleas the most common is the Cat Flea (Don’t be fooled by the name it feeds on dogs and humans too).


Professional Flea Control Service in Central Massachusetts

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Flea control requires a partnership between Ransford and the home or business owner. It is also important to involve your Veterinarian and or Groomer. Teamwork and timed treatment is essential for a successful result. Here's how we'll work with you:

  • Ransford will supply you with a Flea Prep instruction sheet.
  • Once the prep is done Ransford will treat your home, and your Vet or dog groomer will treat your pet at the same time.
  • You will then follow the after-treatment instructions Ransford will supply.
  • Pet bedding will need to be laundered.
  • Your home vacuumed frequently.

While it may be appealing to just buy a “flea bomb", most people need to hire a pest control company to get long-term control of fleas. Please remember that the materials in the Flea Bomb can be flammable and using too many at the same time can be an explosion hazard.

How We Control Fleas

Ransford uses a blend of different materials to control fleas. We use an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) for long-term control, along with a Pyrethrin product to give a Quick knockdown of adult fleas. Material usage will depend on the floor type (Cement, Hardwood, Tile, Carpet) Ransford will use the right material for your particular floor needs.

Not only does pest control make life safer and healthier for the people in our lives, but it can also do the same for our pets!

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We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company right here in Massachusetts. We have been providing quality flea control services for over 125 years in the areas and more:

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